Gustáv Murín

Global PEN Library

Summary of 10th Anniversary of Global PEN Library

  Ceremony of donation of the new books for the celebration of 10th Anniversary of Global PEN Library was held at the Baroque Hall of University Library in Bratislava in February, 23rd, 2012 in presence of 23 Ambassadors and other diplomats with more other honorary guests.

  Among the donors there were:

   Ambassador Agim Isaku (Albania), Ambassador Dr. Markus Wuketich (Austria), Charge d´Affair Margarita Ganeva (Bulgaria), Charge d´Affair Kathy Bunka (Canada), Counselor He Jun (China), Charge d´Affair Tuga Tarle (Croatia), Ambassador Marios S. Kountourides (Cyprus), Ambassador Ihab Nasr (Egypt), First Secretary Henna Knuuttila (Finland), Ambassador Alexander Nalbandov (Georgia), Ambassador Alexander Ben-Zvi (Israel), Ambassador Brunella Borzi Cornacchia (Italy), Ambassador Trine Skymoen (Norway), Ambassador Dr. Abdalrahman Bsaiso (Palestine), Ambassador Radmila Hrustanovič (Serbia), Ambassador Stanislav Vidovič (Slovenia, main donation), Cultural Attaché Denis Arsenťjev (Russia), Ambassador Gűlhan Ulutekin (Turkey) and Ambassador Theodore Sedgwick (USA).

  As a first speaker among them was HE Ambassador Stanislav Vidovič representing Slovenia as a main donor of this year. Mr. Ambassador introduced also personally presented representatives of Slovene PEN Centre writers Ivo Frbežar and Peter Kuhar. In the co-operation of Embassy and Slovene PEN Centre we had received a biggest donation of new books of this year.

  Ceremony followed by short presentations of some donations made by Charge d´Affair Margarita Ganeva, Ambassador Marios S. Kountourides, Counselor He Jun, First Secretary Henna Knuuttila, Ambassador Alexander Nalbandov, Charge d´Affair Tuga Tarle, Ambassador Brunella Borzi Cornacchia and Ambassador USA Theodore Sedgwick.

  Final words of the ceremony were from Ambassador of Turkey Mrs. Gűlhan Ulutekin who apart of donation of other books presented also a new unique publication of Mr. Križan „Turks in Slovakia“ sponsored by Turkish Embassy from the initiative of a previous Ambassador Mr. Tunç Üğdül.

   We were pleased that as a guest of ceremony were also Ambassadors of Belgium Walter Lion, Iraq Dr. Matheel D. Al-Sabti, Greece Nicolaos D. Kanellos and Romania Florin Vodiţã, as well as rector of Comenius University prof. Karol Mičieta, representatives of other cultural and state institutions, PEN members and Austrian poet Maria Seisenbacher.

  Our gratitude was expressed to the general director of University Library Mr. Tibor Trgiňa as well as to the director of librarian services Dr. Dušan Lechner and his staff (Mrs. Sylvia Uhliarová and Mrs. Anna Mózerová) thanks to whom we could celebrate this extraordinary event in such a representative conditions.

  Thanks to the personal sympathies and support of all above mentioned and also not presented Ambassadors of India, Indonesia, Portugal and Ukraine in Slovakia and Ambassador of Slovakia in Belarus (reaching 28 diplomatic missions altogether involved in this project) and further donations from 33 PEN Centers from all of the world we are proud to announce that for this year we had received more than 660 new books (some are still arriving) from 39 countries, namely:

  Albania, Austria, Australia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada/Québec, China, Columbia, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy + Trieste, Jordan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico/San Miguel, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain/Catalonia, Switzerland/German + Italian + Reto-romansh, Russia, Taiwan, Turkey, U.K./Scotland, USA and Vietnam in exile.

Bratislava, February 28, 2012                                      Gustáv Murín,
Honorary President of Slovak PEN Centre