Gustáv Murín


Summary of the half century of my life

* My wife is happily married to me for 21 years and I am still trying to figure out how it happened.
* Our two daughters (Lucia, 19, and Veronika, 14) pretend that they love me, not always and not often, which is a good sign that they mean it from the bottom of their hearts and my wallet.
* We are blessed to be surrounded by a caring extended family and very good friends and neighbors.  
* We live in appartment that has as many rooms as we have in our summer flat that is a country house. From both we have lovely scenic views and nice and friendly people on hand.

* I have enough academic titles and a position that I can do my job with a solid background.
* It resulted in: one monograph in English (another is contracted with a scientific publisher in New York), 6 chapters in the international books, 49 reports in international journals, 49 reports in domestic journals, 74 reports at international conferences and 42 at domestic conferences etc.
* It means that according the basic scientific rule "Publish or perish" I am forever at the better side.

* From the time that I was a very little boy I knew that I will be a writer and hoped that a successful one. It was a much longer run than I expected, but now I can say that I am both.
* In numbers it is: 19 books (incl. 5 in Czech translation + 1 in French + 1 in Hindi). The latest circulated in 24 000 copies within first three months of publication. My newest 20th book is ready to be presented to the public on my birthday.
* I am privileged to be one of the recognized authors at the international scene also thanks to my long time participation in the PEN mission and other international activities.

Public appearance:
* When I want to present my opinions and feelings to the public, I have open access through many media.
* In numbers it is:
   more than 96 000 readers of my blog for domestic readers in its first year
   up to 9 000 readers of my personal web-site in its first year
   up to 3 000 readers of web-sites devoted to my travel stories in different languages
* more than 1500 articles of mine published in 50 major Slovak and international newspapers and magazines
* You will find something about me at ten different international and twelve national who's who publications and more about my writing at more than three hundred web-sites.

* I am honored to be invited to different parties to play (149 matches = 2734 games last year), because when I am losing the game I do not lose my temper.

* More and more I feel that I have some.
* I have survived happily two deadly car accidents without even a bruise..
* I have realized that to continue to be healthy is a serious daily occupation.

Till now I have been in 51 states at 4 continents always finding new friends and nice people there.

Friends and friendly colleagues:
* If I could meet personally each of those nice people I met in past 50 years, I would have a good company every day for the next 50 years.

* I am privileged to have a few always under control. They respect me and I can forgot about them.

Anything else:
These are the good things. Fortunately, the bad things are not worth particular mention.