Gustáv Murín

PEN International

Curriculum vitae
Name and surname: Gustáv Murín
Date and place of birth: April, 9th , 1959 in Bratislava, Slovakia
Address (home): G. Murín, Hagaru 17, 831 51 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Address (PEN):  SC PEN, Laurinská 2, 815 08 Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Phone to PEN office: 00421-2-5443 4117

Personal PEN history
In Slovak Center of the PEN International:
  Honorary President since 2011
  Chair of Translation & Linguistic Rights Committee, 2011
  President 2009 – 2011
  Chair of Translation & Linguistic Rights Committee, 2006
  President, 2000-2004
  Chair of WiPC, 1993-2004
  Secretary, 1995-97
  Member since 1993

In the PEN International:
  Member of Searching Committee (2000 – 2002)

As a chair of Writers in Prison Committee of Slovak Centre of PEN International contributed to release from prison of  writers from Vietnam (Prof. Doan Viet Hoat, Dr. Nguyen Dan Que, Nguyen Van Thuan, Nguyen Xuan Tu, Pham Duc Kham), Syria (Nizar Nayyuf and Khalil Buyarez), China (Li Xiaohua and Wei Jingsheng), Cuba (Pablo Reyes Martinez) and Turkey (Eşber Yağmurdereli) + main organizer of public Christmas 2001 campaign “Spark of the hope” collecting signs from Slovak citizens for release from prison of SC PEN honorary members from Vietnam.

* Reporteur of PEN membership of young writers (Regional PEN conference, Latvija, 1998).
* Chair of round-table Young PEN (PEN congress, Macedonia, 2002).
* Main organizer of UNESCO/PEN conference „Young PEN for the equalization of the creative
   environment throughout Europe” (European PEN conference, Budmerice, 2003).

Organizer of global, international and regional PEN activities:
Establisher of  Global PEN Library (2001): till today up to 4 000 books from 53 countries  with visits of 48 PEN guests from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland and USA. Donation of books were coordinated with following PEN Centres: American, Australian/Sydney, Austrian, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgarian, Columbia, Czech, Cypriot, Esperanto, Finnish, Great Britain, Hungarian, Japanese, Macedonian, Mexico/San Miguel, Palestinian, Pakistan, Polish, Portugal, Romanian, Scottish, Slovenian, Swedish, Swiss-Italian and Reto-Romansh, Swiss-German, Trieste, Turkish and Vietnam PEN Centre in exile.

* Main organizer of Second conference of young writers of Central and Eastern Europe
   (Budmerice, 1994).
* Main organizer of Visegrad literary forum (Budmerice; 2002, 2003).
* Main organizer of UNESCO/PEN conference „Young PEN for the equalization of the creative 
   environment throughout Europe” (Budmerice, 2003).
* Main organizer of Global PEN Library round-tables “Writer and power” + “Library as the last
   stronghold of literature?” (Bratislava/Budmerice, 2004).
* Main organizer of 20th Anniversary of Slovak PEN Center, 2011
* Main organizer of 10th Anniversary of Global PEN Library, 2012

Editor of almanac of young PEN authors of Central and East Europe “Central Europe - Now!”, 1995 (Copies available abroad: Cambridge University, Library of Congress, New York Public Library, University of Oklahoma etc.).

Editor of book “Global PEN Library” (2004).

Active participation at PEN congresses and conferences
1993: Ohrid (Macedonia)
1994: Budmerice (Slovakia)
1995: Prague (Congress, Czech Republic)
1996: Elsinor (Denmark/WiPC), Bled (Slovenia), Minsk (Belarus/WiPC), Guadalajara
          (Congress, Mexico)
1997: Edinburgh (Congress, Scotland)
1998: Riga (Congress, Latvija), Chichester (England/WiPC), Nicosia (Cyprus)
1999: Warszawa (Congress, Poland)
2000: Kathmandu (Nepal/WiPC), Moscow (Congress, Russia), Sarajevo (Bosnia and
2001: London (Congress, England)
2002: Ohrid (Congress, Macedonia), Bratislava/Budmerice (Slovakia)
2003: Yerevan (Armenia), Budmerice + Bratislava/Budmerice (Slovakia), Mexico 
          City (Congress, Mexico)
2004: Prague (Czech Republic), Nicosia (Cyprus), Bratislava/Budmerice (Slovakia), Tállya
          (Hungary), Tromső (Congress, Norway), Paris-Bruxelles (France)
2005: Litoměřice (Czech Republic)
2006: Bled (Slovenia), Beograd (Serbia), Ljubljana (Slovenia)
2009: Linz (Congress, Austria)
2010: Bled (Slovenia), Bratislava/Budmerice (Global PEN Library /PEN), Tókio (Congress,
2011: Girona (Spain), Beograd (Congress, Serbia)